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About us

Halisi was created as a natural approach to the world of skin care.  In a time where everything is mass produced with artificial ingredients and lab created concoctions, Halisi is made in small batches with real ingredients.  In their purest, concentrated forms many oils and butters have healing properties and benefits.  None of our products are ever diluted with water or filled with cheap substitutes.  

After weeks or months of research on not only the things that should be in skin care but also the things that shouldn't be, formulas are created and tested thoroughly.  Every ingredient has a purpose and there is nothing being used unnecessarily.  Each product is thoroughly tested before released to you (but don't worry, never on animals).  We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!


From the creator:

"I am a woman with an autoimmune disease. In an effort to clean up what went inside my body I realized that I should be paying more attention to what went outside my body too. But it was so difficult finding products that didn't contain something artificial or toxic. Having to read every ingredient at the store got to be a real chore!

I have five beautiful children; one of which has fairly severe eczema.  I bought countless bottles and tubes of various creams and half the time my poor daughter cried in pain after applying them.  I'd read the ingredients and even the things that were claiming to be 'all natural' contained so many artificial ingredients.  Why was I spending so much money on these commercial products that were causing her pain and not helping her skin?

With a background in health science and a nerdy love of chemistry I figured I could do better.  I started small and simple then realized how there are so many incredible and natural ingredients there are out there! I wanted them all! But for now I'm happy with turning back the clock and keeping my skin (and my kids' skin) happy, healthy, and hydrated."

-- Danielle