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Is Your Eyelash Serum Causing Permanent Damage?

According to numerous studies, many women would love to have longer, fuller eyelashes.  But are these luxurious lashes worth the potential danger to your health?  In 2001, the drug company, Allergan, released a product called Latisse; an eye drop with the intention to help alleviate intraoccular pressure in patients with glaucoma.  After several months of use many patients reported a side effect that their eyelashes were thicker, fuller and longer.   The drug did not quite do what it was supposed to so it was pulled from use until 2014 when Allergan completed a study showing that over 75% of women...

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Do You Have to Pick One: Vitamin D vs SPF

  Vitamin D is a necessity in our body yet one that gets overlooked far too often.  Too little and a whole host of problems can arise.  Ranging from brittle bones due to poor calcium absorption to weakened immune system, low levels of vitamin D can be quite dangerous.   The recommended daily allowance for vitamin D is 600 international units (IU) however, many people choose to increase that often up to 4000 IU per day.  In order to ingest that naturally, via real food sources, you could consume either six eggs, four cups of raw milk, or three tablespoons...

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What is a Facial Serum and Why Do I Need One?

All too often we see people using a moisturizer on their face that comes from the same aisle as toilet paper and clogged drain remedies.  It's fine though, because all you really need is moisture, right? Well, not exactly.  Sure, moisture and hydration are key elements of good skin care but the biggest problem is the wrong ingredients and, worse, unnecessary and toxic ingredients.  So how do we avoid all these wrongs and find something that's right? Read your labels!  Chances are you have no idea what half of the ingredients are or what they do, good or bad.   ...

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